Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday Favorites

It has rained the entire week here, we have been stuck inside & even confined to our first floor as the bathtub refinishing fumes were pretty overwhelming. So what is one to do? Throw an air mattress on the living room & have a week long camp out. The girls have been using it as a trampoline for most of the week, we somehow managed to take a giant group nap on it & because of it, I have been far less productive than usual. So here's to a lazy Friday, a sunny weekend & a roundup of a few favorites over the past few days. Including these silly girls faces...

...and Harper's response the other day to me asking her to clean up her toys.

Girlfriend literally took every single item, including chair pillows, out of her play area & hid them in a giant pile behind the dining room table. Hashtag nailed it.

I may be the last person on earth to have heard of Beyond Yoga, but I recently got a pair of their yoga pants & a tank, and have decided I may need a comfy clothes overhaul so I can live in their yoga gear from now on. I'm obsessed with all of the colors & styles, they're just too good not to share! They are the softest material & best fit on the planet, and best of all, they have both maternity & non-maternity styles!

If you haven't tried this Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer yet, you are in for a treat! It has been my favorite makeup product for the last few weeks, I gave up on my long time favorite Nars concealer in favor of this, you can't beat the price & I love that it never creases! Highly recommended if any of you live in the land of dark circles like me! ;) I like both the Light & the Brightener shades, depending on what other makeup I am wearing, whether I want to use it as more of a highlighter or just to blend in with my skin tone.

During this week's book store adventures, I spotted the most adorable new kids book called Home . I love the story & the illustrations are the cutest, this would be the perfect addition to a little boy's room just for decor as well!

I am loving this recipe for 4-Ingredient Coconut & Nutella Fudgsicles, Harper would have a blast making these with me & I think it would be a tossup between which one of us would love eating them more.

And since this post could use a little excitement, let's talk about BIRTHDAYS! Today is my mom's birthday, she is in Iowa visiting family so we are sad that we can't celebrate with her, but chocolate cake & granddaughter kisses await! It's also my brother Josh's birthday today, he is two years younger than me & reminds me of it every year. I turn 29 on Sunday, I see sushi (cooked, of course) mad snacks & really lame pregnant girl activities like napping in my near future! And best of all, Eloise turns one next week!! Where has the time gone! So excited to celebrate her silly little self next weekend with woodsy & whimsical (and hopefully outdoor) party!
Have the best weekend!! XO

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


We have been experimenting with our little love bugs & their newest quest to share a bedroom. They are obsessed with each other, Eloise looks up to her big sis so much & wants to do everything Harper is doing. Harper always watches out for her & makes sure that she is happy. Except for when she is the one tormenting her, of course.

We moved Eloise's crib into Harper's room, but have the new crib for the new babe set up in the nursery where Eloise currently still sleeps, because Eloise is still bat shit crazy in the middle of the night & we can't subject Harper to that madness quite yet. Observations so far, as we have just barely dipped our toes in the room sharing waters:

1. There are eighty five books/toys/blankets/things in this room but they will fight over one single thing always.
2. Harper thinks of Eloise's crib as a jungle gym, she wants to climb in, fill it with toys & jump in it. I am positive this will happen multiple times at 2am when Harper wakes up with a bad dream that there is a "giant truck in my room!"
3. Their bedtime routine already lasts anywhere between one to two hours, and Harper will gladly drag out for another century asking for different socks, another drink of water, a trip to the bathroom, a tissue & chapstick. I imagine things will get even more carried away as they are in the room together. And Eloise starts talking.
4. I will call it a win the first time Harper gets out of bed to bring Eloise her paci that she has launched across the room & is crying for. 
5. I imagine myself creepily watching them on the video monitor as they talk to each other & make each other laugh, it's always funny to see what your kids do when they don't know you're watching.
6. I already want to have slumber parties with them. 

And with that, my nap time peace & quiet has come to a screeching halt. 
Happy Hump Day, friends! XO

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Long Live Long Hair

When Top Knot Extensions reached out to me a few weeks ago about trying their halo hair extensions, I was almost jumping up & down with excitement! I have always had long hair, it has never been super thick, but it took on a whole new meaning of thin (and sad..) after having babies. I recently had a few inches cut off, so it is the shortest it has been in a few years. My post-partum hair loss has been insane, I have crazy fly-aways & although my hair still grows really fast, it seems to break much easier leaving me with lots of split ends. I can hardly even pull off a decent top knot these days, let alone anything cute like a fun braid. I was so excited to have the chance to have long, thick hair again. Whenever I put them in, I never want to take them out!

Here is a before & after of my hair, it makes a world of difference! Not just in length, but in thickness & texture, the extensions curl sooo much better than my hair does & makes styling so so so much more fun! Please excuse the half renovated bathroom in the background. ;)

The halo hair extensions are so easy to put in & take out, which is super important for moms, or anyone with a busy schedule & limited time to get ready. It takes me less than 5 minutes to put them in, with added time to curl & style of course. I haven't had a chance yet but I need to get to the hair salon to get them blended to my current length a bit. They aren't heavy or uncomfortable at all, and they have adjustable side clips so you can make sure they fit your head perfectly. Harper has had so much fun brushing my hair while they are in, she is begging me to make an Elsa braid, I can't wait to try them with these longer locks! :)

If you're considering trying some, you can use coupon code jessicaTKlove for 10% off your purchase! You can also talk to your hair salon to see if they can get them ordered for you, if they can carry them you'll be able to get a perfect color match & have them blended right away! And if your salon can carry them, you can try out all of their different types of extensions, as they have more permanent options or clip ins as well! *Updated to add, if you have had any issues ordering, it looks like some of their extensions are currently on backorder but should be in stock soon, and the coupon code should work as long as the item is in stock! XO

Long live long hair!!

Top Knot Extensions sent me this halo to review, but did not compensate me to write this post. All thoughts & opinions are my own! Thank you for taking the time to read & support the companies that make it possible to keep my blog up & running! :)

Monday, April 13, 2015


Hi friends, happy Monday! We had a relaxing weekend at home, with the best weather ever & lots of sunshine. Much needed! We got Eloise a swing (purchased here) to put up by our hammocks last Fall but never had a chance to hang it, so we finally decided to hang it from the pergola by our outdoor table & it is perfect! I've mentioned before about her crazy rocking motion that she always does, this kid loves to be in motion, so swinging is definitely her happy place! We may need to get a second one or something equally fun for Harper, she was a tad jealous! ;)

Swing // Headwrap // Chambray Romper similar here & here

Our friends, who we had a couples baby shower for a few weeks ago, had their baby boy last week! We got to go visit them in the hospital this weekend, they named him Leo David (so cute!) and he is the most precious little thing. It definitely had me all sorts of extra excited for our baby girl on the way. I also got to indulge in a cranberry juice with hospital ice while I snuggled him. When in Rome.

Sunday, Harper & I went on a super fun outing to our friend Joni's house for a Land of Nod tour bus playdate! It was the cutest milk & cookies theme, the kids had a fun little story time & we got to check out all of the cutest new little golden books in their collection. Harper was so shy at first but eventually warmed up & had lots of fun with the other sweet girls.

Today was an exciting day for the bathroom reno, we got shower glass installed!! We are starting to see an end in sight, there is a lot of sheet rock & trim work left to be done, resurfacing our counters & bathtub (they are a dark cream color & will eventually be bright white), plus the fun stuff, painting & accessorizing! Can't wait to share some more pictures later this week. Hope you all have a great week! XO

PS. I had to share, BabyLit books, seriously my favorite books ever, are on sale at Zulily today! :) How cute is the brand new Secret Garden, can't wait to flip through it!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday Fun in the Sun

We got a little glimpse of Summer here this week in Atlanta & I was certainly not ready for it! It was in the high 80's a few afternoons, it had me wishing that our yard was more kid friendly so I could let the girls run through a sprinkler. Or that maybe Spring should just stick around for a while before it gets stupid hot outside. A few things I realized this week:
1. It's time to start carrying sunscreen everywhere we go.
2. Dressing the kids for warm weather is so easy, throwing on a dress or romper feels like so much less work than digging for leggings & sweaters. And I may just let them run around in cute matching summer pajamas, because seriously, these mermaids? :)

3. A small cooler is a must have for warm weather on the go, not only to keep milk for Eloise but also perfect to bring popsicles wherever we go! Whole Fruit Bars are our favorite, lime is the best, no stains. ;)
4. These Zoli Gummy Sticks are the best teethers on the planet for molars. And how is my baby getting molars already?
5. My girls LOVE being outside. I am attempting to put together a little rubbermaid box of some low-key fun activities that they can do on the back porch in the early mornings or late afternoons. I am thinking some dollar section water toys, plastic stacking cups & some kinetic sand. Although Eloise would definitely just eat that. I am loving this bubble set too, sooo adorable! I love that it comes with more than one wand & a flat dish that won't easily tip over. I want to find some homemade bubble recipes that will be safe for Eloise to put in her mouth, if such a thing exists. If you have any additional suggestions for age appropriate activities (aka. Eloise puts everything in her mouth, but Harper gets bored easily), please share!
6. I am seriously excited to add another baby girl to our family, and we have less than three months to go!!

In some other, not so fun news, our bathroom update has been a nightmare. The contractors we initially hired to do the tile work let us down big time, despite their great reputation & reviews. I won't get into the details but basically they had all sorts of other stuff going on outside our job so they half-assed the entire project & then admitted to dropping the ball, gave us back our money & bounced. So crazy unprofessional, and we were left with a half finished bathroom & a monster headache on our hands. With half the house covered in plastic so they could walk around freely, it feels like so much space has been dirty & unusable, so we were really frustrated to drag this out another week. We ended up doing some work ourselves (like putting down hundreds of mini hexagon floor tiles one by one around the edges of the bathroom & shower floor) just to call it finished, then hired a new company to come demo the existing shower work & start over. The good news is, they are almost finished & have done a wonderful job so far. This being one of our first actual home renovations, we had no idea this type of stuff could happen. I will be so happy when it's all over with! :) Here is a sneak peek of some progress from this morning, I can't wait to share the finished product with you all!

Have a happy weekend, friends!! XO

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Bump Style Breakdown: Volume 2

It's time for round two of the Bump Style Breakdown, this time rocking some distressed denim!

 Black Maternity Jeans // White V-Neck Tee // Cargo Vest // Black Reversible Tote // Leopard Flats old from Zappos

Who said maternity jeans have to be boring? I am obsessed with these Madeline Maternity ripped knee jeans, they're so comfortable & much cuter than I ever imagined maternity jeans to be! I love them rolled up for a more casual look but they also go great with heels.

Vests are officially my favorite accessory right now, they help to hide some of the not-so-cute weight around my midsection. I love them because you can wear them no matter how big your belly gets & afterwards too. I also love denim vests, they work well paired with colored denim or even over maxi dresses. This military vest is another great option!

Leopard flats are a wardrobe staple for me, especially since I wear a ton of neutrals, they are always a super easy way to add a little something to an otherwise plain outfit. I've had this pair for a few years, but a few other affordable options are these & these. Which reminds me of this laugh from the other night, my mom came over the other night wearing a leopard print sweater & Harper's response was, "grandma! your shirt look-likes a lion!!"

Be sure to check out In Honor of Design & Elle Apparel Blog for their distressed denim maternity styles! Photos by Chelsey Heidorn.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Five Maxi Dresses for Spring

One of my favorite things about warm Spring weather is pulling out all of my favorite maxi dresses from the closet! I am a firm believer that they never go out of style, and love to add a few to my wardrobe every year. Maxi dresses are so versatile, not only because you can dress them up or down for any occasion, but they can also be worn while pregnant! Which seems to be my thing. I've rounded up a few of my current favorites, and with coupon codes, right now they are all under $100!

One // Two // Three // Four // Five

The first one might be my favorite, I love the boho pattern but I can't quite pull off that waistline at the moment. I am also really drawn to the handkerchief hemline of the second one, especially with fun heels or wedges for a dressy occasion! The shape of the middle one is perfect for a growing belly & it has a beautiful open back since it is a halter. I am loving bright blues right now, so I just might have to make it mine! ;) Do you have a favorite?

Hope you all are getting lots of sunshine & warm weather, happy hump day!

PS. Thank you all for the sweet comments on our Easter Sunday post, my purple maxi there was from Piperlime last year, the brand is Hive&Honey, but unfortunately I can't find it online anymore or really anything similar to it. The painting hanging above our family room console table is by Michelle Armas, I got it on sale here! XO